Friday, March 8, 2013


I had always wondered what all the hype was about going "organic". It seemed like a label the grocery store would put on food to charge more money. I was very skeptical that it could taste better or stay fresh longer, but I have to admit- I was wrong. Matt and I did "organic" for a whole month in February and for the most part, we liked what we saw-besides the grocery bill at the end of the month.

Meat- The first thing we noticed is how much better grass fed meat tastes. My oh my! It makes a world of difference. Although I miss buying the $3.85 pound of ground beef from our local grocer HEB, this is something we have decided to switch over to permanently.

Juice- Matt and I considered buying a juicer, but with a small kitchen we decided it's best just to buy the pre-made Odwalla, Naked, or Bolthouse juices. This has become a part of our everyday routine. Noah even loves them. Our favorite is one made by Boathouse that has spinach, broccoli, kiwi, banana, and lots of other good stuff. It doesn't look very appetizing but it's a nice way to get your fruits and vegetables in for the day.

Eggs- I can't really tell a difference in the taste of the eggs at all, but it isn't that much more expensive to buy organic so this will stick as well. Costco sells them really cheap- SCORE!

Fruits/Vegetables- I'll admit- the flavor is better with organic. Avocados, bananas, apples, and berries- they all taste sweeter.  Broccoli, squash, and zucchini - all taste much crisp and cleaner. However, Matt and I have tweaked this organic purchase plan for our family. Because the pesticides don't really mess with the fruits and vegetables with shells, we have decided to do a mixture of organic and non-organic. If you are interested in the ones that you don't need to buy organic, you can just Google it. There is a list out there.

Milk- It really does taste better. We exclusively buy organic milk and purchase it in bulk because it lasts forever. I love organic milk (yes, even the whole milk). I have added some of it to my diet and noticed that the fat in the whole milk makes me feel fuller longer. Although there are extra calories, it tastes delicious and keeps me satisfied longer.

Greek yogurt- I finally got Matt on this train. He was anti it for so long because of the cost, but we both notice a huge difference in our appetite with including Greek yogurt in our lunches. We actually feel full. With Yoplait, it was just sugar. It had some protein but not the 14g that Greek yogurt has to offer. Costco also sells this in bulk- YIPPPPEEE!

Sweets- There really any worthwhile organic sweets out there. I mean sure there are, but IMO (in my opinion-Matt had to teach me this blogger lingo) it's not worth buying an $8 dollar quarter gallon of soy organic ice cream that tastes like sour milk. I still stick to the Blue Bell and have no shame. DONE.

I think that's all for now. I will end this post with some cute pictures of the DOOD.  

He's BEARY cute!

Beary snuggled!


  1. I heard that drinking regular milk is pointless and that you have to drink organic for any health benefits. So I figure it is worth a few extra dollars. Stephen loves the Horizon organic milk so much that he calls it candy milk. yummmm...... but Mayfield is still the best!

  2. Love love love Noah in the monkey towel. :) So dang cute!!