Friday, June 12, 2015

You Know You're A Boy Mom When...

1) You have a batman cape in the trunk of your car.

2) You hear the word “poo-poo” from both your boys a million times a day- not because they have to go- but because they like the word and think it is OH SO hilarious.

3) Nerf gun wars happen before or after dinner often.

4) Boys tooting isn’t embarrassing but the funniest thing ever- blaming the toots on other people is even better.

5) Balls are constantly flying while playing in the playroom, so when you hear with word “ball” come out of a kids mouth- you duck.

6) You find boogers, toe nails, and dirt in your bed at night because some little three year old took a nap there that afternoon.

7) Everything is a competition and there must be a winner.

8) White pants in the morning never last- dirt, snot, or food (combination of all three) will be on there before you leave for work.  Guaranteed. Shouldn’t even try.

9) You are instantly excited to see diggers while driving and sad to realize nobody is in the car to share that special moment. What- diggers- special moment? Really?

10) You have the tractor song stuck in your head. All day long. 

1 comment:

  1. Lol too precious. So true. Boys are awesome :) and toots are funny hehe.