Thursday, June 11, 2015

Deacon Matthew- 19 months!

Weight/Length :  26 pounds; 31 ½ inches (30% for both)

Eating: This month Deacon has discovered the joy of eating kale salad. It surprised both Matt and me one night as he dug into it- never thinking twice. We eat a lot of salad at this house, so I would be more than pleased if he keeps up this habit. This month he has been pounding out the protein. He loves chicken, turkey, sausage, hot dog, etc. It seems like he’s about to hit another growth spurt, so the increase in protein intake may be a side effect.

Deacon loves all fruit. Bing Cherries are new to his list of favorites as of this month. Confession from a mom who is not opposed to sugar- Deacon loves himself some fruit bites. I mean- when he can say the words VERY clearly-that’s never a good sign. I may or may not use them as a bribe when he has to sit for long periods of time. He has about 14 ounces of milk a day. 

Bedtime/ Awake:  Eleven/Twelve hours a night and then a two/three hour nap in the afternoon

Diapers:  4’s

Clothes: 18 months/2 year for shirts and shorts- yay summer!

Favorites: Deacon loves trucks and tractors. He calls them “doo doots”. It might be the cutest thing ever. We have a little trike that Deacon loves to scoot around on- trying to be like big brother on his bike. The Deak has two blankets that are his favorite comfort at night- I don’t know how these things will last much longer. I’m certain they will be torn rags within the next year.
Deacon loves animals- kitties, birds, dogs, squirrels. He also loves bugs. There is pure joy and delight if we come upon roly-polies, flies, beetles, you name it. BLAGH.
This boy could play in the water all day if we let him. Water tables, splash pads, baby pools, and slip n slides will be a must this summer. 100 degree days are close upon us- I'm glad this little buddy embraces the water like his mama. 

Dislikes: We are working on sharing. Deacon wants what his brother has and has a hard time understanding waiting or taking turns. Deacon doesn’t like really loud noises- certain vacuums or lawnmowers make him super nervous. Deak-a-roni HATES doctors tables. This boy will cry not because of a shot but because we are forcing him to lay down on the table. It’s become easier just to have the doctor do things in my lap. I know they recommend dentist between 18-24 months. I’m definitely going to wait on this. He only has 11 teeth, so I don’t think we are in any hurry anyways. The sun dislikes him. We have to apply sunscreen every hour or two. His skin is fair and burns easily. People ask what he is allergic to- lately I've been saying the sunshine. 

Favorites- This boy is growing and thriving. When Deacon sits in my lap, I can’t help but love on him. He has turned into a boy over these past couple months and I have to kiss his cheeks a million times to remind him that he is still my baby. I love his ability to cuddle with us while at the same time exercising his own independence. He is confident and opinionated.  Granola bars have to be eaten a certain way and a fork or spoon is needed at most times for every type of snack.

He is hilarious. He has this walk he does when he is proud of himself. He overly exaggerates his neck high into the air and struts while swinging his arm hard and proud.

This boy provides so much joy in our family. I am privileged to be his mommy. 

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