Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Deacon Matthew- 18 months!

Weight/Length- 25.5 pounds 31 ½ inches long

Eating- This kid has gotten pickier about his food and I can’t say that I’m too happy about it. His favorite is thing of all time is whole milk.  He could live on a milk diet alone- like for real. 

He loves berries, grapes, bananas, chicken, carrots, peas, yogurt, pretzels, raisins, and granola bars. He refuses to eat in a highchair as of this month. He wants to be at the table with the adults. It’s posing some problems, but we are working through it. This kid knows what he wants and doesn’t have any problem letting us know.

Bedtime/Awake- 8 pm- 7am with a 2/3 hour nap in the afternoon. He takes his blanket, a book, and a bottle of milk with him at nap time and when we put him down for bed.

Diapers- 4’s

Clothes- Deacon is in 18 months for shirts, 18/24 months for pants.

Dislikes- He is not the best car rider- he gets bored quickly. Two road trips later I have learned this one that hard way- womp womp. We have had to regulate his water activities since he broke his leg and there are not waterproof leg casts. This has been annoying to him and us. Homeboy hates to be told no and has started to fight being put down at night. He is a spit fire and we love him for it.

Likes- This boy is super affectionate. He loves to kiss, hug, and be held. Deacon adores Noah. If Noah can do it, he thinks he can too. They go together everywhere. You will often hear them laughing and chatting back and forth. It’s the best.

This boy is fearless- he will go down any slide and climb any chair, table, desk, etc. He also is quite speedy (despite the cast- blog to come about this later).  The Deak hauls buns no matter where he goes. People question how an 18 month old drag along this 5 pound cast and assume he’s docile and does nothing.  Deacon not only walks, he runs with the megafoot.  You glance away and he’s gone. He is super tough and showing us that nothing can bring him down. Deacon walked around with a fracture fibula for two weeks.

Homeboy loves his play kitchen from Oma and Opa- he washes dishes and cooks meals. Deacon makes a water noise as he washes his hands under a play sink.  My heart melts every time. Both my boys love to be in their pretend kitchen and in our kitchen, helping me with meals. It’s awesome.

His imagination is already showing through and we love it. He makes a thrashing noise when he uses one of Noah’s play swords  and has the vrooooom noise for cars quite perfected.
We call Deacon our engineer. He loves to take things apart and put them back together. We have Nerf guns- he’s favorite is to reload the gun and put the bullets back where they belong. He’s good at it too!  

Favorite memories- I love the level of understanding that he is starting to show. As a parent, I totally fist pump the air when he adds a new word or understands a new command. He puts please in front of every word right now in hopes of getting his way. Deacon has already figured out how to work the system- I love it. His brain is working at a mile a minute and it’s the coolest thing to watch. Here is a small summary of where we are at with communication- he knows body parts, some sign language, lots of words, some animal noises and says hi and bye to anybody who will listen. He thinks bunnies and mice growl. He points to them in books and makes the a growl noise- it's hilarious. We haven't corrected it because we love it so much. 

I have a lot of favorite memories from this past month (bike rides, park days, cook outs with neighbors, chicken coop scouting, etc.) but the one that stands out the most was when a group of us (four of my good girlfriends) took  7 boys and 1 girl to the Arboretum right after my deadline. I needed girl time with my kids and it was just the right recipe.  There were 8 kids under 4 with the littlest being 6 months. My kids had the best time. It was beautiful outside, the kids all got along, and the mom conversations were so therapeutic. 

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