Friday, May 8, 2015

More from Noah...

While playing doctor:
Friend- “What’s wrong?”
Noah- “Maybe I have a broken heart?”

Deacon was trying to stand on a chair and be his crazy dare devil self:
Nanny- “If you ever see Deacon doing that, please come tell me.”
Noah- “Maybe I can tell Jesus in my heart?”

Looking through our Children’s Story Book Bible (which is incredible PS):
Noah- "Mom, where is God’s face?"
Me- "We don’t know what His face looks like."
Noah- "Yes, he’s on the front (of the book). Oh wait- that’s Jesus. He looks like Daddy."

Later I showed him the story of Noah:
Me- "Noah is in the Bible too."
Noah (looking at the picture)- "But I don’t have enough hair or a beard."

How do you explain there are two Noahs?!?!

"Mom, when will I get to see Jesus?"

"Mom, when will Jesus come out of my heart?"

"Mom, will we all go to heaven?"

He has such a desire to learn and understand more about God and Jesus. We have lots of whys, hows, whens, and whats being asked around our house these days. I find myself struggling to answer some of the questions just because God is so deep and His ways are beyond our understanding. 

I feel quite blessed to have the opportunity to love on this kid through his questions and shepherd his faith- even when I don't know the answers. The responsibility is great and I pray the Holy Spirit intercedes often. 

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