Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Noah's Thoughts on Wedding Pics, Soup, and Other Things

First time Babysitter-Noah really has a lot to say. He was showing me your wedding pictures. He told me that he wasn’t in them because he was a twinkle in your eye.
Me- Oh wow. I didn’t know he was really listening when he asked a couple months ago.
Noah- But Mom- I was a twinkle in your eye. Remember? I remember when I was.

Noah- When will Bruiser be an adult?
Matt- Soon, we will consider him adult in a couple months
Noah- When will I be an adult?
Me- 16 or 18 or never (tear- he will always be my baby)
Noah- Maybe 16. That’s’ right- then I’ll have brown eyes like you mom.

Please note his shorts- his clothes right now are 89% of the time backwards, inside out or Deacon's. We always talk about the tie going in the front. Hard concept- I know. When asked if we can help or fix it, Mr. Independent responds...I like it this way.

Noah- Mom, I had a dream about a naughty witch with a grumpy attitude.

Noah- I’ve made you some grass soup.
(I’m outside with him and brother- looking at water and grass in a bowl)
Me- That looks delicious. What’s in it?
Noah- I put small cheerios but now I need to make them bigger.

Noah- If I build a door for the pumpkin house (we tell lots of stories right now), I will have to go get some knobbins.
Me- you mean door knobs?
Noah- Yeah and white paint too.

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