Friday, July 17, 2015

Noah Says Zoo Pictures Edition

Playing in the back yard…
Noah- Mom, I need water to help my breath. So I’m not sweaty-very cute and nice.
Me- blank stare
…… hand him the water

While putting on his blue jean shorts…
Noah- Look mom, my knees match the ocean.

Snacking on popcorn after long Saturday naps for both boys
Me- Deacon, careful with that popcorn. 
Noah- Yeah. Mom JUUUUSSTTTT vacuumed. (I guess he’s heard that enough times.)

I really try not to micromanage but popcorn kernels are the WORST. Amen?

Packing up to go swimming with friends and he has put his own swim trunks on - ready to leave ( swim trunks are not easy- those mesh underwear are tricky).
Noah- MOM COME SEE THIS QUICK!  We gotta go or we miss the show.   

Michael Jordan tongue anybody?

Very seriously….
Noah- Mom, I think your phone has a fever.

(He was playing a game while driving and it started to get hot from all the activity a.k.a. Lego junior game) 

Pictures provided by nanny who took them to the zoo on Wednesday! These brothers are the best PS! 

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