Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Shenanigans

Picture Noah rolling out of bed- chipper as ever with the biggest smile on his face and a hundred questions ready. ( Let's be honest-this is every morning).

Mom, what are we going to this summer?

(In all reality, I didn't have this answer ready at the time, but I am proud to say I think our list of adventures is pretty impressive/aswesome) 

So here we go...

We will explore parks - no shirts needed

Swim until our toes are wrinkled and our hair looks a little green while sporting a little crack. (cutest bum bum ever).

Nap.....but really guys, when is the last time you were this tired? 


Hold on for our dear lives as mom drives.....

Eat Macaroni n Cheese like champions and need baths immediately afterwards

Drive tractors and pull sweet brothers

Wash Cars on our tippy-toes

And look like studs while doing so! 

The End.

P.S.-I can't believe it's almost August. How can summer be almost over?

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