Monday, August 10, 2015

Noah's Thoughts on God, Dream Cars, and His Brother

Noah” Maybe God is made of nails”
Nanny- “What makes you think that?”
Noah- “Well I heard a bible story about that. God got all these nails in him-in His head. Some bad people put them there and stuff. I heard it at church."
…proceeds to completely and instantly change topic
“I didn’t get any shots at church though”

Noah- “Dad when I get older I’m going to get a minivan. It’s going to be SOOO cute. So fancy. So cool. And so cute.”

A couple days later…
Matt- “I can’t wait to get my dream truck.”
Noah- “No dad, you want a minivan.”

Noah- “Dear God, I love you so much. This is a peach. Amen.” (praying at 

Noah- “Mom, you are in charge of me and I’m in charge of Deacon.”
Me- “No, I’m in charge of Deacon.”
Noah- “Well, can I be in charge of Bruiser?”

Me- "Noah, do you love having a brother?"
Noah- "Yes mom. Can I keep him forever?"

Me- “Where is Deacon?”
Noah- “Oh, he’s about to have a meltdown.”

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  1. I especially love the, "he's about to have a meltdown." Haha. Seeing your kiddos together makes me so excited for Bean to get here! Looking forward to having all 4 of them together sometime soon! Miss you guys!