Monday, August 24, 2015

Deacon Matthew- 21 months!

Weight/Length- 28 pounds- 33ish inches

Eating- This boy likes to eat what he likes to eat. Deacon would go on a fruit bite and milk diet if we allowed it.  Sadly for him, we won’t agree to it. (He’ll thank us some day or at least his teeth will). Favorites in no order- grilled chicken, oranges, hotdogs, noodles, raisins, cooked carrots, certain salads, grapes, shredded cheese, lunch meat, bananas, peas, and corn.  Dislikes- broccoli and any type of nuts- too hard to chew I think. He usually will try anything, but it doesn’t always stay in his mouth.

Bedtime/Awake- Deacon sleeps from 8/8:30pm-7/8am. There is usually a 2/3 hour nap in the afternoon. The boys share a room so bedtime has been later over the summer. With light nights, they can see and just rile each other up. To make up for it, he will usually sleep until 7:45/8. There also are the days where Noah wakes Deacon up while getting out of bed- not my favorite.

Diapers- 4’s

 Clothes- Deacon is in 2T for clothes. He had 3T shorts on accident last week- so hilarious. He’s got awhile until we move up to the next size.

Dislikes- Deacon has a LARGE dislike for being told no or not having it his way. He is strong willed and sees things very black and white. (AKA MATT MINI ME) We are working on using our words and have seen a lot of timeout over the past month. It’s a process- I think once communication improves we will see great strides in this area of conflict. What toddler understands delayed gratification? Oh yes- that’s right-none.

He doesn’t like to have his hair rinsed out in the bathtub. He has a big fear of soapy water in his eyes. We have to have a towel right by the bathtub so he can instantly wipe his face off.

Likes- Homeboy adores all things with motors. His favorite books involve excavators, tractors, trucks, and trains. If he requests a show, it is all about trains- Thomas or Chuggington. His favorite song is “Wheels on the bus”.  I’m biased but I will say this, Mr. Deacon has perfected the “mamas on the bus go shhh shh shh.” It’s probably the cutest thing ever.  His asks to “drive” in Matt’s car on the daily. He knows how to make the windshield wipers wipe and the lights flash. He could look at pictures of trucks with Matt for hours and loves to point out different vehicles as we drive.

 His favorite animals are turtles and kitties. He pretends to be a turtle- it’s awesome.  We die laughing as he roars like a tiger (because that’s the noise turtles make) and he slides around on his belly.

Deacon loves to swim, play, climb, rough house, and snuggle. He’s all boy.

Favorite memories- I have two “Deacon Says” moments….

Noah was whining one day about Deacon taking his toy.
Deacon turns around and yells- “hush”.

We were in a parking lot and somebody was playing loud music. He says DANCE and starts twirling in circles.

Also some of my favorite mannerisms-

We will ask Deacon questions- he will say “idunno” just like his brother. It’s so cute.

He still has the proud strut where he walks with his head high in the air and arms swinging.

Any time he gets hurt he will say “OUCH” and bring over the ouch for a kiss.

We will tell him to go to sleep and he pretend snores.

He requests the “Jesus” song all the time.

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  1. So cute! Love his funny little responses. Sounds like a house full of fun :)