Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Little Gym with His Best Bud Booger

Last Friday, these two best buddies went to Little Gym together. It was amazing. Noah has been so timid the last two times we attended, and he really had no inhibitions this time.  It was so fun to see Amber and Hudson there- Hudson was a stud on the bars. I think the teacher was impressed how developed Hudson (a.k.a Booger) is for being 8 months. We can’t wait to go again with them. Enjoy the pictures below! 

Hudson macking on Samantha. Noah loving on mommy. 

Tag. Hudson's it! These boys were all over the place.

Air Tram. Noah was terrified last time of this thing. With Hudson there, he loved it! Hudson was fearless!

C'mon Noah. Crawl FASTER!

Hudson watching Noah go head first down the mat- not a good idea. 

These boys were always watching eachother! I think Noah is checking out the dog on Hudson's behind in this one.


Breakfast afterwards- pancake domination from both boys!!

Love this picture of Grammy, Noah, and me! 


  1. Neat! Looks like both boys had a great time!! I wish they had these gyms when my kids were little!

  2. Awe we love doing things with y'all!! :)