Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Round #1

Two of my best friends plus their husbands surprised us and came down to celebrate Noah’s birthday. I just can’t stop looking at these pictures. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these two families who love Jesus and love my son.  Leeann and Ashley encourage and inspire me. They went above and beyond with this little celebration- something I will never forget. Noah’s first birthday was a blast. 

Little Dood and His Cake
Trying to Reassure Him To Dig In!

Yes, This is for you! I won't take it away. 

My sweet girlfriends and the boys!

Opening gifts! Leeann gave Noah corduroy pants and a shirt with a penguin. SO CUTE!

Stephen building Noah the bike the Bakers gave him. Stephen was trying to make a peace offering with the birthday boy. Last time they hung out, there was some bad beef between the two of them. :) P.S. Look at my son's belly I die. It's so cute!

Aunt Leeann and the Diaper Dood!

Baby in a box. I love this. All Stephen's idea...naturally.  Kaleb tolerated it too. Couldn't believe it. Boys are hilarious!

The two girls that bless me so much! 

This might be one of those pictures that you are like OK  Natalie. Why? This is the first picture that I've ever seen where I think Noah and I look alike. I might be slightly more than obsessed. 

More to come! We did another cake smash test on Tuesday. He actually enjoyed it- I'll load the pictures tomorrow!  Happy Thursday! 

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