Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Fun Just Keeps Coming!

Recently Noah has been cracking us up.

Homeboy makes this whistling noise as he walks and plays with toys. It’s SO cute!

He has added a fifth word to his vocabulary. It is a mixture between gock, doke, and doge. We figured out he is trying to say dog.

If you bark at Noah with an “arf”, he will bark back- sounds more like a whine.

Noah mimics everything. I blow on his pancakes, he blows on his pancakes. If I put a lid on his bottle, he wants to take it off and put the lid back on. He saw me putting make up on, took my mascara out of my bag, and touched it to my cheek.

The little nugget tries to take the caps off everything just so he can put them back on. He recently figured out the purpose of a drain stop in the bathtub. He will pull it out and put it back in for a good 10 minutes.

Matt was working on his bike Monday night, and after Matt was done- Noah took the bike tool and started working on it as well. He would hold the tool correctly, put it on the bike wheel, and act like he was spinning the wheel to get it back aligned.

You never know what will be Noah’s favorite toy for the day. Two weeks ago, he would carry around a phone charger everywhere- even to the mail box. Last Saturday, he carried a USB driver with him everywhere. I like to call him our “collector.”

He gives the best bear hugs ever. The Pediatrician even commented on what a snuggler we have.

Noah loves all things furry. He snuggles all his stuff animals (which he has an ark of them), and he will kiss all the animals in his book called “Puppies and Kittens.”

I love this age. I just eat him up. Every day he does something that amazes me. It’s crazy how God created little brains to process and mimic. Noah loves and shows affection. He smiles when he is happy and pouts when he can’t have his way. When I look at Noah and his little heart, I see God’s unique design in him. 

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