Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Week of Thankfulness

On Sunday afternoon, Matt and I decided to go on a walk and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. We let Noah play with our house keys on this walk to keep the boy entertained- bad idea. At some point when I decided to pick him up and carry him, the keys flew off of the stroller. Yes, I carry Noah on walks- I’m that mom that A- likes to snuggle and B- doesn't want a fussy baby on a walk, so I would rather just hold him. We didn't realize the keys were gone until we arrived home. We had an 11 month that was REALLY ready for a nap, but we could not get in our apartment. At this point, we were exhausted from walking. Matt and I were both distraught knowing that we didn't have keys to get in the house, didn't have a phone to call anybody, and didn't have an open apartment office to ask for help. Our only option was to go retrace our steps and walk back to where I picked up Noah. So, that’s what we did, and I prayed the whole time. I had a cranky baby and a frustrated husband-that was my only option.

My Helper through all of this

God answered the prayers and lo and behold, the keys were sitting on the sidewalk right where I had picked Noah up. Of course, we were all tired and cranky after walking 2 hours but who can blame us.

At 8 p.m. on Sunday night, I noticed Noah was really hot. I took his temperature and he was 101. I knew that meant we were in for a long night. I gave him Tylenol and his fever would never break. Needless to say, Mom and Noah were up all night Sunday. It was no fun and so hard because my baby was hurting. Throughout this whole thing, I knew that God was in control and taking care of Noah.  I just prayed for the morning to come quickly, so we could go see that doctor of his!
At the docs

The morning did come and I headed to work feeling like a zombie. Matt and I have been praying over my work, and when I walked in, I found out that I was promoted along with my cube buddy Tara. Another blessing that Matt and I had not counted on! I knew it was all in God’s timing and once again I was thankful.  Also, my work gave me a half day Monday because of a promotion, so I was able to go with Matt and Noah to the doctor- ask a zillion questions- find out that you can rotate Tylenol and Advil every 3 hours when the fever will not break, and get the correct medicine for Noah. Although the pharmacy situation was another crazy mess, Noah received his first dose of antibiotics on Monday night and slept 8 hours straight. I then said thank you again because once again, God answered my prayers quickly.

HAHAHAHAHA, Noah's happy mom looks like a zombie.

Last night( Wednesday) was the first night since Saturday that Noah would actually play by himself and allow me to just watch. When he is sick or tired, I have to be right there in the midst of everything with him. But last night, I sat on the floor with a pillow behind my back and just watched him. It was amazing.
Don't worry Mom, we are in this together! 

I feel asleep feeling thankful- knowing where we started out Sunday afternoon and how far we had come 4 days later!

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Congratulations on your promotion!! You deserve it momma! All of that hard work. Hope your little man is feeling better!

  2. Aww, I'm sorry Noah was sick and that you we also run down in that process. :(

    After reading this entry, there is some praisin' that I need to shout! Praise that no one picked up your keys and that they were where they needed to be.

    Praise for your promotion! What a blessing!! God rewards those who honestly seek him!!

    Praise that Noah's illness was resolved quickly and swiftly!!

    Our God is GOOD!! :)

  3. Thank y'all! :) :) We are so thankful!!!