Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Pea in the Pod is 8 Months Old!

My BIG boy!
Weight/Length: I would say about 19.5 pounds. He is 27 inches long. 

Little Muncher Pants! (distracting him on a car ride)
Eating: Noah still has b-milk ever three to four hours. (I’m holding out for the year mark and then we are headed straight to cow’s milk-Lord willing). We feed him solids in between the feedings- usually two to three times a day. This month, apple sauce is the nugget’s favorite meal. We are still trying to make sure he gets his vegetables but he definitely prefers the sweet fruits over the greens. I mean really, who can blame him- pureed peas and green beans- no thank you.
Guzzling some food! Noah is a great eater.

In the month of June, Noah has tried vegetable dinner, turkey dinner, barbecue sauce, pieces of turkey, cheese, egg, yogurt, peach cobbler-baby food style, and probably others I can’t remember.

Can I have that?
Bedtime/ Awake:  He will sleep between 10 to 12 hours every night. His bed time is anywhere between 7 to 8 p.m., and he usually wakes up around 7 to 7:30 a.m.  He now lets me know when he is ready to get up by flipping on his stomaching, babbling and peeping out his crib. It warms my heart every morning.
My walking buddy all ready to go!
As for naps, Noah still takes three a day. I’m anticipating that this month he will drop one, but I am holding out as long as possible. If he misses a nap, it makes it difficult to A- keep him awake until 7 p.m. and B- keep him happy until 7 p.m.  
I don't think that's the best Costco deal mom. Let's keep looking.
Diapers: He is in 3’s. We decided to switch once we ran out of 2’s. They fit great- no problems. 
Egg head waking up from his nap.

Clothes:  Homeboy is in 6 month, 6-9 month, or 6-12 month. It is amazing how clothes differ per brand.  

Before a melt down......

Favorites: Noah loves to scoot, roll, and play. He is so close to crawling it’s not even funny. He can crawl backwards and side to side, but he has not mastered the forward crawl. Homeboy loves when we hold him because he will point to our noses, ears, mouths, and eyes. Let’s be honest, he just LOVES to be held.
Any teeth yet?
If you are at our apartment, more often than not, you will find Noah on the floor with every toy out and the parents on the floor playing with him/being entertained by him. He HAS to be the center of attention.
Crazy Crawling Almost Machine!

The nugget loves to swim and be outside. We have to get the walks in early now with this heat. The pool is our go-to for outside play and stimulation- it wears him out!
Eating my buddy's blocks. 

Dislikes: Noah Walker does not like to be put down for a nap if he is not ready. He does not like to go to sleep if he is not ready. He does not like if you won’t share your food, and he STILL HATES to have his mouth wiped.

Baby Cousin Sophie- 1 day apart!

Tricks: Noah is able to rollover from back to front- front to back. He is our little roly-poly.  He has mastered the backwards crawl. He can pinch bites of food and feed himself. Noah is now making the syllables of DA and BA. Noah interacts and plays. If we put a rag over his head, he will pull it off, and play peekaboo.
I've got a golden ticket and my cousin Owen was born!

Sidenote: Noah’s first cousin was born June 25th, Owen David Blankenship. He is PRECIOUS, and we could not be more excited for Matt’s sister Judi and her husband Jimmy. We are so THRILLED, that we planned a last minute trip up to Virginia in a couple weeks so we can see the whole clan. 

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