Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Noah

My Noah likes to take his clothes off while he sleeps. Earlier this week, I went to get him up in the morning and he had no pants on. Yesterday morning, I woke up and found this. Somehow he managed to get his arm out of his sleeve and chuck his mobile across the room. 

My Noah’s favorite toy right now is his travel size bottle of shampoo. He pushes it around everywhere. He sometimes tries to push the big shampoo around the room, but eventually it gets stuck or too heavy. (pictures to come)

My Noah is a crawling machine. He loves to crawl over and under anything. He recently tried to crawl up Matt’s leg on the couch to steal a bit of Matt’s ice cream sandwich.  

My Noah is still a pacifier baby and has recently shown interest in other pacifiers besides the green one. For a while, he was a pacifier snob. He was particular and only wanted one type. He now will use the others. This makes Matt so happy because we have a University of Texas pacifier given to us by Pops and Mimi. 

My Noah for the first time has shown a preference to mommy. I don’t know if you would call it separation anxiety, but when he is tired- Noah wants mommy. We were at a birthday party, and someone tried to sweetly hold him for me. Noah clung to me with a death grip and would not let go.

My Noah is stubborn. He does this thing that if he doesn’t want to sit or go somewhere- he will flail his legs and grunt. Oooo it makes Matt and I so frustrated. 

My Noah hates to have clothes put on or diaper changed the majority of the time. He doesn’t cry. He just immediately rolls over and tries to crawl away. It makes it very impossible to try to change him. Sometimes, we give up and let him roam in his diaper. 

Putting on a new diaper while he sits- impossible.

My Noah is a really good eater. I think he has chunked up even more this month. We took him to Chipotle on Thursday, and he loved the rice, beans, and tortilla pieces. He loves any type of food he can pick up and put in his mouth. I think he loves the independence. It makes going to restaurants fun because we don’t have to spoon feed him. He would much rather us put little pieces of food on the table for him so he can go to town.

My Noah is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God “created his inmost being.” His frame was “not hidden” from Christ. His “eyes saw Noah’s unformed body.”  All Noah’s days “ordained for Christ were written in God’s book.”(Psalm 139) We pray that the Lord will be Noah’s Shepard and that Noah makes his faith his own at a young age. My Noah is my miracle. His ten toes and ten fingers are a testimony to God’s perfect design. I look at Noah, his little personality, his sweet little hands, and tiny little eyelashes and cannot deny that there is a perfect Creator. God, thank you for letting me experience the miracle of life. Thank you for sending your son to DIE for our sins that we might LIVE. 

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