Saturday, August 25, 2012

Play dates with His Favorites

In the past week, Noah has had two play dates – one with his best friend Kaleb and the other with his best buddy Hudson.

Last Saturday, the Baker’s were in town for a birthday party, so Matt and I had the opportunity/privilege to watch Kaleb while they went out to celebrate. The Baker’s came over before the party and hung out with us. It was so much fun to catch up, and we hope the Lord wills for them to move back to Austin! 

Noah hogging the toys. Spoiled child.

Goofy Buddies! Goofy faces!

Pacifier Pals!

I LOVE this boy! Look at these blue eyes!

Matt and I had a blast watching the both of them and got a glimpse of what it is like to have twins.

Now onto play date number 2....

On Thursday, I realized that the dentist appointments I had scheduled six months ago were not back to back but at the same time. This put us in quite the bind because Noah would be a DISASTER at the dentist. I quickly texted Amber to see if she would mind watching Noah for an hour, and she gladly/sweetly agreed. (Thanks again Amber and Karl’s dad). Here are the pictures of this play date at the Friedecks. Noah was EXHAUSTED after this. They wore each other out.  With both of them mobile, there was a lot of chasing, pacifier stealing, and scooting along couches. Noah also taught Hudson how to stand up and bang on doors. My child is a troublemaker!  Amber sent me these pictures- I'm obsessed! Enjoy! 

Double Trouble. 

Showing off their toys! :)

Why hellllloooo Noah! 

Can I pet you? 
Can't wait for more play dates with both these boys!

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