Tuesday, May 28, 2013

19 months

Noah- you are one big boy and soon to be big brother.

Boy are you sweet this month! You are giving mouth kisses to me and your daddy and they are the cutest. You are also giving mouth kisses to your furry cousins Bartle, Mayberry, and Ely. They love it just as much as you do. It is so cute- you go up to them with your hands wide open and pucker your lips. You do it over and over- never getting enough. Noah, you love animals. On Saturday, all you did was have Ely chase you. I'm so glad we named you Noah- I'm pretty sure you would build an ark and fill it full of birds, cats, and dogs if the Lord called you to it. 

Boy are you opinionated this month. One word we hear often is YUCKY.  You associate yucky with bugs, dirt, and anything stuck to your hands or feet if you've been playing outside. The best is that you think bugs are so yucky that you smash them. You saw your daddy do it a week ago, and now you join in the game with him. Mommy does not mind! You like to do things your way and will quickly show me when you are frustrated. We are working on "using your words." You hear that phrase often just because we are past the point of doing the game of guessing what you want or hearing you whine.

Boy are you active this month. You are climbing things and exploring your boundaries. You are still cautious and not quite a daredevil, but I have seen a riskier side in you these past couple weeks. You are constantly on the go and only sit to eat, sleep, or watch Shaun the Sheep. You love to dance and now have these pharaoh type hand moves. It's cute. You busted them out in Restoration Hardware Monday- I about lost it. You were twirling with your hands waving- swaying your head. You love to play with balls with your dad and the neighbor girl. You love to swim. You would be outside all day long if I let you. You and I have been enjoying some morning time together sitting outside with our coffee and milk. It's pretty precious and I cherish these moments right now.

Noah- you love to sing! Twinkle Twinkle is your favorite this month. You actually say the "up above the world" part- it's a little baby jumbled, but it's distinctive and you love it. As for words, this month you have added up-up-away, down, orange, no, yeahhh--ah, whoaahhh, OK, Bartsy, grape, paci, and bo-bo (bug).
Food wise we have seen MUCH improvement. You are quite the dipper these days. You want everything to have a sauce so you can dip your food in it. I would say your favorite foods right now are BBQ sausage, nutrigain bars, chicken nuggets with ketchup, tortillas, apples, corn, yogurt, sweet potato fries with ketchup, black beans, and watermelon. You will do vegetables like broccoli or green beans but will usually eat the other stuff off your plate first.  

This month we have seen a love for mommy's and daddy's shoes. You wear them around the house all the time. You will talk about "on shooooes". My favorite is when you wear my green flats. You know exactly how to put them on and you just scoot around in them. I haven't taken a picture because I'm pretty sure you might kill me when you are age 10. You also find the need to take your shoes off every time we put you in your car seat. Without fail, you are pulling the shoes and socks off right when daddy backs out of the parking lot- jabbering about your shoes and socks the whole drive. 

I count 11 teeth and I don't know how much you weigh. Daddy's takes you to the doctor at the end of this week, so we will know Thursday! I can't believe how much you have grown. I look at you daily and wonder how you could possibly be the little 6 lb 15 oz 20 inch baby that I met October 27, 2011. You are a miracle and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you little dood. We pray over you often and promise to always love you!

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