Friday, May 17, 2013

Dood and the Toilet Trashcan

A Noah Story.

We have lots, but this one extra tickled me yesterday. Noah is still really into those mash-up pouches. He likes the ones with apple sauce and the variety of fruit/vegetable combinations that they have out there.  He sucks it right up and for the most part it is not too messy.

Yesterday, I was taking a shower and he was snacking on a pouch toodling around the bathroom. He finished it up and told me "all go-go" (which means all gone). I told him good job and to throw it in the trashcan. (There is one right next to the toilet). I didn’t think much about it, but as I was getting out the shower. I saw him opening the toilet lid.  I saw a hint of something green in there and I knew it wasn't poop. I realized fairly quickly that he thought the toilet was the trashcan because it has a LID like the one we have in our kitchen. He was so proud of himself.  I died laughing. I was in disbelief. Next time I will be more specific and point to where he should throw it away.

This sumo baby never ceases to amaze me. Happy Friday!

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