Friday, April 19, 2013

Raisins and Rocks

Matt and I have a lot of change going on right now. It's good change- it's great change. It's going to be amazing and God's perfect plan always gets me excited, BUT today I decided to live in the present. I decided to not think about the change. I wanted to enjoy all my time with the dood, his raisins, and his rocks. SO- that's what I did. I finished up my work with an early morning and a long afternoon nap, and after he woke up, I set all technology aside (besides my camera) and just enjoyed HIM. It was beautiful. His facial expressions these days just make me that ooey gooey mom. I see the joy of the Lord in him and feel so undeserving of all God's blessings. I wanted to share some of the sweet moments I captured. 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Those are precious photos. He wanted to share his raisins with you momma :). Such an angel!! :)

  2. Good for you!! I always try to tell new moms to stop and take those moments when you get them because those are the ones you store up in your heart to bring out later to savor and cherish. Like when they go off to college, or get married, etc. They are precious. :)