Monday, April 15, 2013


6 random thoughts, blurbs, whatever.

Noah, Matt, and I did some co-sleeping last night and it was unsuccessful to say the least. Although we wore Noah out yesterday and had him outside for at least 4 hours, sleep was not going to happen. Matt literally had him running laps at our friend's house, but when we got home and put him down- within an hour, he was just crying. I blame the teeth. I'd hold and rock him, put him back down, and he'd cry some more. Eventually, I brought him into bed and it's best to say none of us slept. Matt claims he was kicked in the back at least every 5 minutes. Noah is a wild sleeper. I secretly cherished the moments where he'd nuzzle up and find the coziest nook and just snuggle, BUT I could not do it every night.

I mentioned teeth above, Noah has 10. He has the top front four, bottom front two, and four molars. He is the world's worst teether. It makes him irritable, feverish, and downright crazy. I'm over this teething phase but realize we will be here for a while. He also is the worlds slowest teether-hence why we will be in this phase forever. You still cannot see his top two when he smiles. You just see the eye teeth- and they have been popping through for at least 6 months. (He may or may not be part vampire).

We found out yesterday that Noah is getting another BOY cousin! Matt's sister is having another boy in August. Owen (Judi's first boy) and the new Blankenship baby will be 14 months apart. I love it. Family reunions are going to be crazy.

Noah will eat something one day and refuse it the next. The boy likes feta cheese but won't eat bread? What? He likes pasta salad, but he won't eat peanut butter? He is a mystery. Favorite foods as of yesterday- deli meat, apples, oranges, cherry/apple Lara bars, broccoli, lasagna, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, avocado, black beans, chicken, avocado/guacamole, raisins, applesauce, mac n cheese, pot stickers and yogurt. Dislikes- bananas, bread, peanut butter, eggs (which he ate every day for 2 months solid), blackberries, and peanut butter cookie Lara bars. He still loves juice and milk. Water is hit or miss. Every day he will refuse something new or beg to eat something I would have thought he'd hate. It's a wild fun guessing game.

Noah now opens his hands when I ask him a question. I will say "Where is your blanket?" He will open his hands like I don't know. (I'll get a picture). I thought he picked it up from the nanny, but I have caught myself at least 5 times a day doing it. It's crazy how they pick up mannerisms. It also is a reminder to be a good example.

New words as of this week- stuck and bite. He will say stuck when he can't open something or he is stuck in his pile of toys. He will say bite when he wants to try something I'm eating. At the grocery store Sunday, Matt and I both grabbed samples of this sandwich and Noah looked at me with his arms open and said "BITE." I can't forget my little dood.

That's all for now.

Happy 4/15!!!!!!


  1. Cute! Hudson is the same way when it comes to food. He'll eat one thing one day and then refuse leftovers. Miss y'all! :)

  2. I know everyone says Noah looks just like Matt, but he really is starting to look a lot like YOU! I see so much of you in him. :)