Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week 35

With the new iphone camera- hello belly!
Along: 35 weeks

Size of baby: The baby is the size of a honeydew melon. Baby is around 18 inches long and 5 1/2 pounds. His/her kidneys are fully developed now and the liver can process some waste products. Most of his/her basic physical development is now complete — the peanut will spend the next few weeks putting on weight.
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I would guess around 28-30 pounds. If I have five more weeks left, I think I'll end up around 30-35 which is good! I just want to be a healthy mama and have a healthy baby.
Maternity Clothes:  I wear a mixture of both. I am trying to hold out now. This pregnancy, I only bought the belly band, one pair of pants, and one shirt. I think that's pretty dang good! (I had about 5 shirts from Noah's pregnancy to wear as well).  

Gender: SURPRISE! We may have baby girl's name, but I am skeptical. Matt likes to change it up on me, so he will probably come back with his veto card next week. However, I LOVE it and think it's totally unique. As for boy names, we have five or six that we keep discussing. We both think boy this week. I see my picture above and feel like I'm carrying the peanut just as low as I carried Noah. I also don't feel like from behind you can totally tell I'm pregnant. I've had a couple people comment to me in restaurants and stores that they didn't know I was pregnant until I turned around. (Side note- funny how people awkwardly feel entitled to tell you these things). Anyways, I feel like if it was a girl- it would be like this wide watermelon and I'd have Beyoncé hips.

Movement: Wild child. This baby moves and moves. It startles me sometimes when it takes my breath away or really hurts. I still love it though. You won't hear me complain!

Sleep: I had a good night this past weekend where I felt super rested, but these past couple nights have been R-O-U-G-H. I slept two hours one night and five hours the next.

What I miss: I miss sleeping through the night and not always feeling so hot and stuffy.

Cravings: I can tell you that one thing this pregnancy I have HATED is sweet cream butter. I have never really liked it, but with this pregnancy, the smell and taste of it makes me gag. I crave ice water, ice cream, cottage cheese, chicken, and deli sandwiches consistently.

Symptoms: Vertigo, headaches, ligament pain, pressure in the stomach all around, back pain, and always feeling dehydrated.

Exercise: I started just walking this week and it's been great. I'm sore afterwards and waddle a little bit more, but I can tell it helps loosen my back and ease some of the other pains from sitting in a cubicle chair all day.

Best Moment This Week:  We had family fun day on Saturday. We went to the park, watched football, and just played. It was glorious. Here is a picture of the three of us. Aren't we cute?!

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  1. time flies!! can't believe you're already 35 weeks along! so excited to see if baby Clem will be a boy or girl. if it's a girl, you will be in rare company {out of my friends having babies this year} ... everyone is having boys! but I'm going to guess GIRL! have you had any dreams or anything? I hope all is well. love reading your updates and Chad and I are praying for y'all and baby C!