Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 36

Along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: This week, the baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce. The peanut is packing on the pounds- gaining about an ounce a day. He/she weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I would guess around 30 pounds. I will know on Thursday the exact amount- I go in for the Group Strep B test.
Maternity Clothes:  I wear a mixture of both.

Gender: We will know in a month! Baby will probably come out nameless because we are back to the drawing board. Matt isn't worried about it at all. I go to bed at night making lists. I think Matt's plan is to pick out the name while I'm drugged- might be scary!

Movement: There is still a lot of punching and kicking going on! I love it and know I will miss it once little peanut comes. I seriously cherish this special time of getting to carry the little one in my belly.

Sleep: Horrible for the most part. I have a good night sleep about every 4 nights. Insomnia is here to stay I think.

What I miss: I miss sleeping through the night. I also miss being able to see my feet and move around with ease.

Cravings: I am at the point where I don't have a huge appetite. I crave juice and fruit.

Symptoms: Vertigo, Braxton hicks, headaches, dizziness, ligament pain, pressure in the stomach all around, sciatica, back pain, and always feeling dehydrated.

Exercise: I am walking a couple times a week. It's hard to find energy to even want to do that. I know it will make my labor easier if I continue to stay active, so that is my motivation. I also secretly hope it will help me sleep better at night.

Best Moment This Week:  Noah's birthday party on Saturday was the best moment of my week. I'm so blessed to be this boy's mama. He has provided so much joy- my heart overflows. There are more pictures of the birthday to come.

I snapped these pictures after Matt took my weekly bump picture. Aren't my boys the cutest? 

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