Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bananas for Birthdays!

My favorite pic of the day!
I decided to do a couple birthday posts. I have a lot of pictures from Noah's 2nd birthday party, so I figured why not split them up a little bit. Plus, who doesn't love multiple blog posts in a week? I mean come on people!

These "banana for my birthday" pictures were taken before we knew we were going to have to switch the location of the party. Matt and I took lemons and made lemonade out of the situation, so I'm can't complain. God is good and it always works out- I'll explain more on that later.
He doesn't know what's coming!
 Anyways, I've had a couple people ask why we had the party so early when his official birthday isn't until October 27th. I thought it was pretty obvious, but I'll explain. IF we were to do a birthday party around Noah's birthday, I would be 39 weeks pregnant. That could mean two things: a) the baby is going to arrive in the next week or so and I'm larger than life cow size with zero energy or b) baby came and there ain't no way I'm having a party with a newborn.  I gave Matt the option of this weekend or next, and with his test schedule and the UT/OU game next weekend- we decided this past weekend would be best. (There would be no way for my parents to get a hotel room if we did next weekend).

Or maybe he is a little suspicious..
Once the date was set, I started to plan. This was Noah's last "big thing" for a while and I wanted to make sure it was all about him. With a new brother/sister on the way, a world that revolves around him is quickly about to change. I wanted him to feel surrounded by his favorite people (minus some family members who live too far away) and I also wanted to be able to actually throw a party and enjoy it.

Ok, if my mommy says all of my favorite friends are coming then surely it has to be true.....(as I'm listing off who is coming to see him).
The morning of the party with 30% chance of rain and me confidently telling myself all morning that the weather man is NEVER right- the rain came along with a CHILLY cool front. I looked at Matt and told him we were going to have to go with plan B. He agreed, so we quickly updated the invite, sent out texts, and started cleaning. It was a whirlwind! It ALL came together and could not have gone better. I got super teary after everybody left. When you see so many people come together and love on your son, it truly is the greatest gift. Noah was on cloud nine. We had four kids (three toddlers and a six week old) and around 16 adults. People traveled from all over. We had friends from college, work, and Matt's school. It was such a wonderful mixture of people. WE ARE BLESSED! 

Alright Dad, let's do this.
Over the course of the week, I'll post more pictures. (Tomorrow will be the 36 week post on the belly bump).

Happy Tuesday!

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