Sunday, October 20, 2013

Change in Season

As this blistering hot summer  is changing into cool fall nights, occasional rainy afternoons, and early sunsets, I can't help but thinking how the season of one having one child is coming to an end as well. Dallas went from 90 degree weather to highs of 60's and low's of 40's within a matter of days. To think that within a day, I will go from being a mama of one to a mama of two is just as shocking. 

With change comes wonderful opportunity- I am excited to embrace this next season of life and see what the Lord has in store.  Noah and I both have been welcoming the fall breeze with open arms. It means less mosquitoes and more outside time for the both of us. Here are some pictures I snapped recently.  We went from rain rain rain to cold cold cold.

As for baby, I went to the doctor Thursday and everything looks great. The heartbeat was right around 146 and I'm dilated 1-2 with the prediction that little peanut will come around 39 to 40 weeks. I also lost a pound! Maybe my goal of only gaining 30 pounds will be possible this time around after all!  

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