Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who Partied with Our Two Year Old?

There are a couple people I missed in capturing the Birthday Party Bash, so I apologize. It's hard to take pictures while host a party. It makes me wish I had a personal photographer in my pocket at all times, but elves don't exist and it probably would be quite expensive- scratch that idea. Anyways, sorry Matt, Luke, Ryan, and Kim- y'all were there I just missed the photo opportunity! (Matt was taking a lot of the photos, so that's totally my fault. #wifefail)

Here are the pictures I captured of the people that came to celebrate our sweet TWO year old's birthday! Noah could not stop smiling throughout this party. He knew it was a special day, and I'm pretty sure he realized it was all about him.

Enjoy the photos! 

Thanks again to all who came! I'll post some of the birthday action photos this weekend. I also will give y'all a baby update as of today at 2:15.

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