Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boys and the Garden Snake

I think I've mentioned this before, but Matt and I could not have chosen a better name for Noah. Although it has been in the top ten since 2011 (which we had NO idea would happen when we chose the name), I can't imagine a better fit or picking anything different. Homeboy loves him some animals.

Recently, Matt has caught two lizards, two frogs, and now a snake for Noah to see/hold. I didn't document the lizards or the two frogs (I totally would have documented the frogs but forgot my phone to take pictures on our walk), but I did get a chance to document the snake.

Matt did some yard work on Friday and came across a garden snake. Well, Matt didn't know it was a garden snake- he just told me he found a snake to which I might have shrieked a little. He took me back to the rock where he found it and I told him it was a garden snake. Immediately Matt asked if we could keep it and told me to get a jar. I HATE snakes- HATE HATE HATE them. I have dreams they are in my bed and then I can't sleep the rest of the night. I told him I would get a jar but that thing would never come into our house and we were NOT keeping it as a pet. He agreed- he just wanted Noah to get to hold it. 

Noah loved it. He has talked about nonstop. If we are anywhere near the rock where Matt found it, he tells Matt snake night night. (That is what we told him when we set the snake free). Here are some of the pictures to document Noah, Dada, and the snake. This picture screams boys will be boys. 

Introducing Noah and the Garden Snake

You mean I can hold it?

OH yeah. The smile on these two faces says it all!

Time to free him Night Night.

Oh yes, mommy insists he now live OUTSIDE the gate.
Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I would have shrieked too!! I hate snakes as much as you do!! What a riot to see Noah holding it and loving it!