Sunday, September 29, 2013

23 months

Noah, you are 23 three months old - one month away from the BIG T-W-O years old. Little dood, I look at you and I can't believe where we have come from since October 27th, 2011. You truly are the best miracle and most amazing gift your daddy and I could have ever asked for.

Where do I begin? I guess I'll start with your word bank. In the past couple months. your vocabulary has taken off. You are quite the chatty Kathy and can make 3 to 4 word sentences. You will pretty much talk to anyone who will listen.  You like to make up stories- I'm slightly afraid you might become the boy who cries wolf. For example, you will tell me about the kitties outside and how they cry or jump. Then you will tell me kitty is in the house, and I won't believe you. But sure enough, there is a kitty in your toy house lying in the sink. Who knew?  Some of my favorite words this month are baby powder, naughty, helicopter, hippo, jump, sit, goldfish, park, alligator, forehead, Leeann, chair, outside, inside, bath, chocolate milk, bed, and the list goes on. You can count to seven, know all your colors including silver, gray, black, white, and we are working on your alphabet.

This would be the outfit Noah picked out for the day. I realize it doesn't match. Homeboy has an opnion about his clothes. He wants to wear anything animal related. This shirt has dinosaurs, so he requests it OFTEN.

You make me laugh all the time. This month, you and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. You keep me company and I'm so grateful for you in this busy time of Daddy's life. We go for walks, play at the park, hunt for frogs, watch movies, eat ice cream, go grocery shopping, scare/tickle daddy, and so much more. Is it possible for a 23 month old to be his mommy's best friend? If so, you definitely are.

You sleep 11-13 hours a night and usually take between a 2-3.5 hour nap. There are times where you will skip the afternoon nap, but by 7:30 you are quite fussy. We are working on transitioning you to your big boy bed. It hasn't been totally successful, but I know it will take time. For your birthday, you are getting a truck, plane, car themed bed spread, so I am hoping that inspires you to stay put.

You love to eat. Somebody commented to me that you were a little linebacker. You are thick and sturdy. I wouldn't say you are chubby at all. You just aren't long or lean- more compact and SO CUTE. Some of your favorite foods this month are rice, pasta, apple jacks, chicken with any kind of dipping sauce, oranges, grapes, oatmeal, broccoli, green beans, sweet potatoes, chocolate milk, goldfish, and chewy granola bars.

Some of your favorite things to do this month are going to the park, jumping on and off anything/everything, and playing with kids. You love kids- big, little, small. I am convinced that this winter we need to put you in some kind of Mother's Day Out. You are a huge people person and thrive in situations where you can be social. You are very sweet and affectionate. I've realized that this is your personality and not just a toddler thing. You constantly want to give hugs, pats, and kisses.  I have found two mom groups in Dallas that have been a huge blessing in keeping you socialized. You also still have a very sweet relationship with your buddy Kaleb. You and he are two peas in a pod and double trouble.

You wear size 7 shoe and 2T clothes. Some of your 2T's are getting tight, so we will move you up sizes here slowly. I think you have 13 or 15 teeth. I can see whites but they haven't totally popped through. You front two teeth finally show when you smile sometimes. I think the pacifier was slowing that process down. 

You have some meltdowns but for the most part, you don't like to be naughty and understand that with your poor choices come consequences. I think with being able to communicate more and more- you get less frustrated and we see less temper tantrums.

Your birthday party is next week and I can't wait to celebrate you! You have a lot of friends and family coming from all over to be there, so I pray you feel extra special because you are EXTRA loved!

Happy 23 months Noah Walker!

Noah decided to give the horse a hug after the ride. 

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  1. Oh my goodness he's growing so fast! I can't believe it. My almost twin birthday is almost 2! Sweet beautiful angel! Can't wait to see y'all!