Friday, January 6, 2012

You Know You are a Parent When...

Noah was about 10 days old here- I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Matt and I laugh all the time at the hilarious moments of becoming parents. Babies are full of wonderful surprises-seriously, you learn so much so fast with very little sleep. Anyways, we decided to begin a list of different situations when we have said to ourselves "WOW, we actually are parents."

We had two examples last week that really made us start jotting down the list. I thought I'd share the oh so funny yet embarrassing moments...

1) You know you are a parent when you go throughout the whole day with your cardigan inside out tag and all. You finally are at the end of the day and the check out lady at Babies R Us says "I can tell you are tired, your sweater is inside out." NICE!

2) Matt knew he was a parent when had spit up all over his shoulder for the majority of the day-group meetings and all and had zero idea until he came home that night and I had to tell him. I told him it was CUTE- shows a good sign of an active daddy.

More to come....I'm SURE of it.

Happy Friday!

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