Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Pea in the Pod is 3 MONTHS!

Weight/Length :I’m going to guess about 14 pounds and 26 inches long. This little nugget continues to grow and his 3 month old pajamas are starting to look small. He is a very long baby. We don’t own a scale, but maybe I will convince Matt to pull out the measuring tape soon so we can for sure know the length.

Eating: Mommy’s milk every three hours during the day and he will cluster feed right before he goes to sleep so he can sleep his full 10 hours.

Bedtime/ Awake: This is an amazing development for the Clem family. One week before I started back at work, this little cutie started sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night. We put him down between 8:30 and 9:30 every night and he will go a full 10 hours. We had one night this past weekend where he was up every 2, but I think that might have been because he didn’t get enough food during the day or he was in a small growth cluster feed. Either way, it has been an amazing God-send.

Diapers: He is in 2’s. I think he will be in this size for a while. We change his diaper from 6 to 8 times a day depending on the blow outs. Boy oh Boy, we have a rooter tooter! 


Clothes: He is in 3 month clothes. The 0-3 outfits are too small. Matt still likes to try to fit him in the pants but they are like tights and look so silly. He has thunder thighs like his mamma did.

Favorites: Long walks, “standing”, being carried, sitting in front of the mirror, bath time, snuggling, and smiling/laughing

Dislikes: he doesn’t like to take naps, but he is so fussy sometimes that it’s obvious that is what he needs, he hates to lose his pacifier, and he doesn’t like when Matt and I don’t pay attention to him. Spoiled? Why yes he is!

Tricks: Noah Walker can sit up and stand with a little help. He has crazy strength for only being 3 months old.-people are always amazed when they hold him. Noah has really never been a “floppy” baby.  He rolls from stomach to back. He has found his hands and plays with them all day long. He is really good at gripping and putting his hands in his mouth. He likes to put my hand in his mouth too. He is reaching for things on purpose. He is very interactive. He smiles and laughs when I get home from work. Matt knows what to do to get him to giggle and he does it all the time. Noah Walker loves to look around and be a “big” kid. This is all fun, but it means he constantly wants to be stimulated which can be a lot of work.
We love this little boy with all our hearts. Noah Walker, you are LOVED! 


  1. he is just so darn cute!! i love the picture where you are holding him and he has the best smile and your cropped face is trying not to laugh. it's perfect!

  2. I love the hands one...just precious! And him cracking up is priceless!

  3. so stinkin' CUTE!!! can't wait to meet him!