Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Sentence Journal

At the Alamo Bowl with My Boy!
I was reading Good Housekeeping today thanks to Oma and her sweet Christmas subscription for me this year, and I loved an article on creating a one sentence journal. I have always loved to journal- used to prayer journal a lot in high school and the beginning of college but somehow things got busy and I started slacking. One of my New Year’s resolutions starting today is to keep a one sentence journal on 2012 for the Clem's. This sentence can document a special moment, a sweet thought, a wild adventure, a vital lesson learned, or practically anything. I loved this idea and hope to stick to it. The lady who started this concept has been doing it for is 6 years and says looking back on it brings back special moments she never would have remembered. Six years of journaling might be a little farfetched for me as of right now, but who knows-I’ll just fly by the seat of my pants after the one year mark.

Hope the weekend is treating all well!

I kind of really LOVE this boy!

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