Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I'm learning....

I've learned so much since becoming a mom in October...

I've learned selflessness in a whole new light

I've learned patience

I've learned to be more independent, but I've relearned how to dependent on Christ

I learned to appreciate quality time with Daddy while Noah naps

I've learned that breastfeeding/pumping is the key to weight loss for me and weight gain for Noah but it is also painful and annoying some days

I've learned about the instant bond that comes when you meet a new mom/mom to be- Babies R Us is the place to  hang :) 

I learned that everybody has theories on everything and you have to listen and take what you think its correct and leave behind the rest

I've learned to appreicate friends, family, and community to the nth degree

I've learned that a silly face from Noah can turn any frown upside down

Wouldn't you agree?

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