Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some of My January Favorites...

1) The TV show Parenthood- seriously 100% amazing altogether. Matt and I really enjoy each of the characters and think that it is a quality show. The best part is that we love to watch together. We have found ourselves relating some of our daily experiences to the show and continue to laugh and relive different episodes. It is one of those shows that makes me feel ooey gooey inside.OBSESSED.

2) The book Real Marriage. If you know anything about us, you know that the Clem's love Mark Driscoll. He recently wrote a book with his wife Grace on the tough stuff that happens/goes on in marriage. Matt and I read the chapters separately and discuss each one at a time. We both already see the molding and shaping God is doing through this book. It is a great read, something I would give any married couple no matter what stage of life they are embarking.

3) My BOB stroller is a HUGE favorite. I have been trying to walk three times a week, and this little mobile has been nothing but wonderful. Noah loves being outside and loves that he can see out of the BOB. It has provided such a fun way for me to get exercise and Noah to be stimulated. I couldn't live without it.


4) My sewing machine has been so much fun to start using this January. Matt gave it to me for my wedding present and I was super intimated by it. I just got the courage to pull it out and have had a blast. My goal is to first make a bib for Noah, then a blanket, and maybe a onesie. We will see how these goals go. My New Year's resolution list gets longer by the day. 


5) And of course....these BOYS!


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