Monday, July 4, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane

The group in our sweet African outfits made especially for us.
Matt & I met when we both felt God's call to embark on the same six-week mission trip sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ to Lusaka, Zambia. I had just graduated from Baylor University with my MAcc and Matt had just finished his Junior year at Radford University. Yes folks, I robbed the cradle. I am two years and four months older than Matt. Some might call me a cougar. :)
Matt & I were both responsible for raising quite a bit of money in order to go to Zambia, and while God provided me with all of the funds necessary to go, Matt had a few obstacles in raising the support. Less than 48 hours away from the flight leaving Washington D.C. and heading to Africa, Matt was still in need of $1,000 support. It was looking pretty grim until Larry, the leader of the trip, called him and let him know that someone Matt had never even met before had chosen to generously donate an extra $1,000 to Matt's fund. Let's just say God provides in unexpected ways.

According to Matt, in no time, my eyes began to flutter whenever he walked into the room, and my heart was "teeming with giddiness" whenever we sat next to each other during breakfast or dinner at the lodge. All I know is that Matt found out my top love language was quality time, and he kept asking to spend quality time with me. I didn't know if it was because he was being intentional and trying to establish deep friendship or if he digged my chili. Turns out, he digged my chili (and I thought he was pretty really great too). 


Throughout the mission trip, we continued to feel God's tug towards something more than friendship. We wanted to make sure it was of HIS will and not our own. Satan has a way of distracting us from the Lord, so that we lose sight of our first love (Jesus) and concentrate on self. BUT, by the end, on July 3rd, 2009, Matt and I decided that Virginia and Texas was a doable long distant relationship. 

Our Clem-in-Timeline since then.....
7 months later, February 12th, Matt flew to Texas and asked me to be his wife
7 months later after that, September 5th, Matt and I exchanged vows at Vintage Villas and became man and wife
5 months after that, we found out we were pregnant with a little Clem
20 weeks later, we found out we were having a BOY! 

My mom says that it's obvious that God has a different plan of timing in Matt and my relationship. I must say, I am thankful for His timing and would have it no other way. We are off to quite an adventure and I can't wait to see what God has in store....

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  1. Oh, wow, this made me tear up! Awesome story Natalie and still love all of these pictures!!