Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New Addition to our Family- Rosie

Meet Rosie Clem. 

She is a 2010 Pontiac Vibe. Let me give you a little Rosie history, she was bought at an auction in Dallas and purchased in good ol' Fredricksburg, Texas at a friend of my grandfather's used car lot. She has 16,000 miles on her and looks brand new. She even has the new car smell. We love Rosie the vibe. She is fun to drive and will fit our little Noah's car seat perfectly. I officially drive a mom-mobile.

Story Time-
A fun story to go along with this post. On Tuesday, Matt texted me and asked how many desserts I had eaten already. I've been trying to cut back, and I had only eaten two cookies at lunch (that's good for me). He told me not to eat anymore desserts- he had a "surprise dessert" at home for me. (I'll be honest, I crave dessert after breakfast, lunch, and dinner- sometimes that happens).  I was super excited, so I decided I WOULD be good and save myself for this special surprise. When I arrived home, I figured that he hid this dessert somewhere in the apartment- no I did not go snooping- but I was anxious all dinner. After we ate dinner, I asked him where he hid it. He looked and me and yelled "WE ARE GOING OUT FOR FROYO!" I was of course, so excited, best surprise date ever. Come to find out, he hadn't gotten to drive little Rosie at all yet, and this was his way of getting to drive her. We ended up going to Chick fil a for two large ice cream cones; it was a blast. He told me yesterday that he just kept thinking about wanting to drive the Vibe. I think he loves Rosie as much as I do. :)

I now drive a reliable car and will take anybody on a little spin if they request.

Peace, Love, and Vibes,

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