Wednesday, July 20, 2011

26 Weeks: T-minus One Week until 3rd Trimester

Along: 26 weeks
We are in double digits people-98 days until my little Noah buddy is DUE!
Size of baby:  Noah is the length of a hot house cucumber. His eyelids have finally opened and he is having his first moments of sight this week. Not only is he starting to grow hair, but he also has the ability to move his head around. If he inherits Matt’s cowlicks, this boy is in for some TROUBLE. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I weighed myself Monday and I was at 11 pounds of weight gain. I think some of it depends on water weight. I’m guessing anywhere between 13-15 again.  
Maternity Clothes:   I’ve started to wash some of the maternity clothes my co-worker gave me. I am still just wearing my old stuff that used to be loose or baggy before I was pregnant, but now it fits just right. Normal work pants are too uncomfortable at this point- I’m going to be moving to maternity pants. I think my old shorts will still work for a while. I am going to look into one of those belly bands.
Gender:  Boy!  Noah Walker Clem the First.
Movement:  He is very active still. I love when I wake up and feel him moving around. It’s like his little reminder to mommy that he is still here and HUNGRY. I would swear I’ve run a marathon the night before if I didn’t know better.
Sleep: It’s been MUCH better this week. The fatigue has set back in 100% so I’ve been passing out at night. I’m tired by around 8, and we’ve been going to bed around 9 to 9:30. We are soaking in the Z’s before our lives are flipped upside down.
What I miss:     I miss not being hungry all the time. I’m at the HUNGER stage. I swear I could eat a whole cake if left alone with a couple good chick flicks (You’ve Got Mail, Now and Then, Beaches, Sister Act II, etc- you know- the good ones). I also miss my old body- this one I have right now is pretty achy at the moment.
Cravings:  Fruit, Doughnuts, Chocolate, Peanut butter, Chocolate Milk. I have a new routine- while cooking dinner, I make myself a glass of chocolate milk. It actually helps fill me up and gives me some of the essential calcium needs. It’s my little treat after a long day at work. (I am getting back to long hours at work- preparing for September 15th).  
Symptoms: Dizziness, leg cramps, back pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, and fatigue. The leg and foot cramps have been the most annoying this week. It’s worse than  Charlie horses. Everything just seizes up and starts to throb and convulse inside. It’s not my favorite.  All these symptoms according to everything I’ve read are completely normal. With how much Noah is growing, most of the articles would be surprised if a 26 week preggo woman was not feeling these types of pains.
Best Moment This Week:   Matt and I bought our first new/used car! Post to come tomorrow with a couple pictures. It was not our favorite financial decision we had to make, but for Noah’s safety, it was very necessary. We are calling her “Rosie”. She’s very cute- very mom-mobile, and should be a great car for us for the next 10 years. 

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