Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brotherly Love and Baby Update

Brotherly Love in a nutshell.
So I haven't posted a baby update from my visit last Thursday...

  • Everything is looking really good.
  • My belly is measuring at 23 cm which is exactly where they want me . My doctor said that they expect your belly to measure pretty close to how many weeks you are. 23 cm at 23 weeks, looks like Noah and I are doing just fine.
  • Noah's heartrate was at 150. That is right here it should be.
  • I have gained about 11 pounds. I will weigh tomorrow again for the 24 week update, but Noah/my belly have been growing a lot this past week.
  • Matt put his head on my belly the other night and got kicked in the jaw by my wild child. Noah is super active and you can see my stomach move as he kicks. It is nothing short of amazing and a miracle. It's so neat to have Matt be able to feel him. I kept telling Matt how Noah was "going crazy." He didn't believe me until this. Now, he will put his hand on my belly and just laugh as Noah punches it off.
Hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July.

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  1. Aw, Bartle the Clem dog. LOL

    He's such a nice boy! :)