Thursday, July 28, 2011

Matt's Last Week Working Full Time

Matt put his two weeks notice in a month ago for August 1st and has been finishing up working full time at Texas Neuro Rehab. He has loved his almost year there and learned so much. He will now go PRN- which basically means if they are short a hand, they will give him a call, and he could come in and work as a rehab tech that day. Anyways, to celebrate, him and all his lady friends (he works with all ladies besides like 2) went to a happy hour at Chuy's to celebrate. Here is the picture below. They are the sweetest women- Matt always has great stories to tell me about them when he gets home. :) I kept telling him he was going out with his "ladies" tonight. He laughed. 

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  1. Oh it's my favorite repair man! I didn't know you were prego! Congrats!!! I'm excited to keep up with your sweet little family!