Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Boy!

What a wonderful weekend!

On Friday, Matt and I drove up to Fredericksburg in my dad's Miata with the top down. It was quite the treat. Matt loves to drive a standard, so when my dad gives him the chance, Matt will take him up on it. It was a quick drive-only an hour and fifteen minutes away-mostly highway with the gorgeous view of brown grass and dried up lakes. The weather is the topic of conversation here in Texas. We are in desperate need of some inches. Fredricksburg is in stage four. They can only water the grass once a week. Rain, rain, come today!!!!! Anyways, in all reality, it is a pretty neat drive through the hill country. A lot of the land is untouched with rolling hills and beautiful trees.  Matt and I would love to own a ranch out there someday. Matt has big dreams of longhorns and cows, maybe even a John Deere tractor.

Once we arrived, we headed to town for dinner. My grandparents treated us to an awesome German restaurant right in town. It was called Friedhelms. They make homemade German bread, cabbage soup, and many amazing dishes. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention -the waiters and waitresses dress in German attire.  Matt was very adventurous and tried Spatzle and Schweinnerippchen. Spatzle is like a butter noodle side dish and Schweinnerippchen is pork with a mustard sauce. He loved it! I stuck with a normal pork tenderloin with potatoes ( I know, I'm BORING  really fun).  All the food was yummy and leftovers were not an option.  See Matt’s meal below.

Somehow, our sweet waiter overheard that it was Matt’s birthday. To celebrate, the whole crew came out with an apple streusel topped with a sparkler and sang him happy birthday. He was quite the restaurant star. It was funny because after they did that for Matt- four other different tables had a “birthday” star get sung to as well. I’m a little skeptical that it was actually the others birthday- I think they may have wanted the free cake and a German performance.

On Saturday, we did some car shopping with Grandpa Dave. We found some good prospects. My Grandpa Dave has connections.  We are going to continue to pray about it but will make a decision here in the next couple weeks.

Grandpa and Matt grilled steaks for dinner on Saturday and we enjoyed an in-home movie showing of True Grit on the blu-ray player after wards. We all loved it. Matt said he'd even watch it again. Most movies, Matt will only watch once, so that is saying a LOT.

It was quite the restful get away, and we feel very blessed to have them so close by. Matt had a wonderful birthday and felt much love with all the texts, phone calls, and facebook posts from friends and family. It is so hard to believe -next birthday, Matt will have a rowdy 9 month old to watch over and share cake with.

Hope y’all had a wonderful and restful weekend as well! Natalie

Small Noah update: Belly is looking like a watermelon, fingers like sausages. Bring on the swelling!

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  1. Oh good! It sounds like you had such a nice time! I'm going to have to head to Fredricksburg next time I head down there! German food, here I come!