Friday, July 8, 2011

Start of the Birthday Weekend

We are headed off to Fredricksburg this weekend to spend some time with my grandparents and celebrate Matt's birthday.

My parents kicked off the celebration this week by taking the family to Saltlick. Let me just say, I forgot how good it really is. I was telling people at work I thought Rudy's was better. Boy, was I wrong. Saltlick, you dominate.

Here are a couple pics below from the celebration.

Dad still had food in his mouth. oops.

Best Cobbler Ever.
 For Matt's birthday, I got him TWO surprises. At first, he suggested no gifts. I thought the idea of that was smart financially but really, it's his BIRTHDAY. One day out of the year he deserves to be spoiled. I decided to hit up the University of Texas store. Matt will be attending there in the fall, and he is very excited. We are looking into season tickets and let me just say, I believe this boy will bleed burnt orange (even his iphone background is UT).

Here were the two gifts I came up with.....

A belt to go with his boots.

A fishing shirt to help support one of his new favorite hobbies....

Peace, Love, and Fredricksburg Peaches, Natalie

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