Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week 30

Along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: The baby 15.7 inches long now and weighs almost 3 pounds. He/she is the size of a large cabbage. His/her eyesight continues to develop, and now that the little peanut can regulate his/her own body temperature.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 22 pounds as of Tuesday.

Maternity Clothes:  I do a mixture. There are more and more things that do not fit anymore. I also get queasy with shirts or pants that put a lot of pressure on the baby. This belly is a growing!

Gender: Surprise! The heart rate was 145 on Tuesday. The doctor commented how I am carrying the little one in my hips. She said that this was really normal with the second baby. It makes me think that it is a girl though. I carried Noah like a basketball!

Movement: Yes. I love it despite the pain that I feel in my rib cage sometimes. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a sweet, dancing baby in a mama's belly!

Sleep: I have taken some Benadryl this week to help in this area. Insomnia is the worst during busy season, so it has helped insured at least 7 hours of solid sleep. Last night, I was up for three hours in the middle of the night just thinking. I have no idea why. I try to use the time to pray or plan out the next day. I do sometimes have to hit up a little extra caffeine midday with nights like last night. 

What I miss: I miss being able to bend down with ease. It's hard to pick things up off the ground. I also miss being able to see the ground. I trip a lot!

Cravings: Cottage cheese, salad, chicken, peanut butter, chocolate, and cheese.

Symptoms: Headaches, pressure, and back aches. I also am always thirsty!

Best Moment This Week:  Matt finished up our desk in the office. It is amazing! He worked so hard on it, and it is going to be the perfect set up for me while I work at home. I never knew how handy Matt was until we moved into this house. I married a home improvement stud- be jealous!

Amazing desk I'm working at as I type this!
My super cute hubby with his new "cohort"- I found out this is the proper term for smarty pants PhD students in the same class. Matt is already doing so well! I am one proud wife.


  1. Wow, the time has flown by on this pregnancy!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe you are already 30 weeks!!

    Love the desk Matt built!! How incredibly useful that will be for you all.

    Thank you for the picture of Matt and his cohorts, I appreciate your blog and the makes me feel not so far away. :)