Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Visitors

My parents and brother came to Dallas this weekend to visit us. Daniel had not seen our new house and my parents hadn't seen all the work Matt has put into updating it.  Noah was in heaven- he could not get enough attention. He pulled every trick out of the bag- keeping us all laughing. The gang arrived Saturday afternoon and we tried out a new lunch place called "The Porch". We all loved the food and atmosphere. I had a chicken avocado sandwich and a side of the best macaroni and cheese.  I think we would definitely go back. When my parents come, we have been trying a new restaurant off of the Dallas top 100 list. It has been great so far. We have only tried two restaurants, but I figure since we will be here the next 5 years (at least) - it will be a fun task to accomplish. 

Lunch at the Porch
Afterwards, we headed home to let Noah take a nap. Turns out- homeboy lost his last pacifier, so as of Saturday- we are PACIFIER FREE. I am kind of sad about it. I know that's pathetic to admit, but I wanted to be the one who decided when to stop it. Honestly though, it was time. He has been sleeping fine without it, and it is probably best for his teeth and speech sake.  I think the pacifier was definitely a comfort thing for Noah, but he still sleeps with his bunny and blanket, so he doesn't seem too traumatized at all. After his nap (which didn't happen because he wanted to come home and play with the new toys his Grandma and Ops brought him), we headed over to their hotel for a nice long swim. Noah was a fish in the water. He really had no fear. My dad was trying to teach him how to blow bubbles and breathe. I think the more we get out to the pool and do it- the better he will become. Another added benefit- it exhausts him. We came back Sunday morning again for another swim and he took a 4.5 hour nap on Sunday afternoon. SUCCESS! I had so much time to be productive around the house- it was awesome.

Swimming with his uncle

Needless to say, we had a great time seeing my family. Daniel is now off to Washington D.C. to get his LLM for tax law, Matt has started school, I'm back to the old grind of tax work, and my parents are back in Austin doing what they do best. Enjoy the pictures!
Breakfast Buffet at the Hotel

Noah destroyed the food- homeboy is eating us out of the house.

He loved his uncle's "cool" glasses!
 Happy Tuesday! 

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