Sunday, August 4, 2013

21 Months (Updated Font)

21 months. Is it really possible that in three small months you will be TWO years old and a BIG brother? Dood, you have a lot coming your way.

Your daddy refers to you as my shadow. You are a big mama's boy and I swear your favorite saying is "hold you". I'm still able to hold you, but soon son, the baby dood/doodette in my belly is going to get in the way. Between the hugs and kisses, I can't get enough of you. You love to cuddle with me at night while we watch HGTV. You will hold my face and just start chatting in your Noah language. Every 3rd or 4th word is recognizable, but you just look up to me with your big Green/Hazel  eyes and act like there is nothing you'd rather be doing. I seriously prayed for a snuggle bug, and I definitely got one. You fill my heart with so much joy.

Vocabulary. Boy- you are verbal. I think this month you added over 20 words to your vocabulary  Here is the list that I came up with yesterday- meat, bubble, boat, whoaaaa, turtle, hold you, hold me, Ashley, Luke, neat, hola, airplane, choo choo, puppy, bee, hungry, Gatorade, milk, agua (Spanish for water), juice, and bowl. Favorite song this month is "Jesus Loves Me." It is the sweetest thing to hear you sing it. I forgot to mention that you now know your daddy's name "Matt." You say it all the time- giggling after you do- knowing that mommy is only supposed to call him that.

Favorite activities- you love all trains, planes, and automobiles. You enjoy pushing the toys around with the "beep beep", "choo choo", or "vrooom" noises. You also love to be outside, watch the cars drive by and the planes fly overhead. We live really close to an airport, so we spend a lot of time watching planes. We have even started to count them.  At work, I see planes out my window and always think of you with a BIG SMILE.

I have trouble counting your teeth. You won't let me in there. As for food, you could eat crackers all day. You eat and eat. I swear you are an endless pit. You love bananas and watermelon right now. You like meat, but we have to put it first on your plate or you will head straight for the carbs.

You sleep like a champ. You are still a twelve hour a night boy with a good 2.5-4 hour nap. Your daddy built your bed this past weekend. We are going to start that transition after September 15th (my BIG deadline). We also bought you a potty. We will do the first potty boot camp in a couple weeks. Blog post to come on that one! Little dood, you will tell us after you have gone poo poo. We put you on there and let you flush the toilet. We always hope there is a little more left, so you can actually push something out into the pot. However, we know that this is the beginning of letting you understand the purpose of that white porcelain seat that is oh so fascinating to you.

Your best friend is Kaleb. You and him are two peas in a pod- both able to say each others name and both equally obsessed with each other. Ashley has been coming over to watch you once a week while Daddy is doing research. Y'all play and play and play. It's the sweetest thing. You are very blessed to have him and his mama.

Discipline- why yes! You hear the word "no" a lot and proceed to throw yourself on the ground. Your behavior is worse the more we let you get away with things. Our biggest goals this month is trying to be consistent with you.You are a strong willed child and like it your way. With consistency, you know what you can and cannot get away with.

Random fact- you are afraid of heights. You have quite a few family members on your mama's side that are afraid of heights, so I'm not surprised.  You will climb things, but you are always cautious. You don't like heights when you feel like you are out of control. For example, if daddy throws you over his back- you ain't happy, but if you climb the back of the couch and know you can get down, you are totally fine.

You are a great baby to take places. You listen and always like to socialize with other people. You get compliments on your sweet demeanor all the time! Noah, we love you little dood. You provide so much laughter in our home. You are this napkin (sponge)- constantly soaking up your surroundings- taking it all in.

I had to redo this post. The font was KILLING me.

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  1. Noah, Uncle Aaron is afraid of heights too, so you two have something in common besides being handsome. ;)