Monday, August 19, 2013

Mommy and Baby Update

Whew! Remind me never to book back to back appointments- EVER. Last Thursday was one of the craziest days of my life. Matt had to go up to campus, so I was going to drop Noah off at Ashley's house. Her mom was going to watch Noah and Kaleb while we went to our doctor's appointments. With poor time management and getting distracted with August 15th tax work in the morning, I did not allow enough time for me to drop Noah off and head to the doctor's office. My decision- oh- I'll just take Noah with me! YIKES!!!!! I arrived at the sonogram place and they were running an hour behind schedule- my thoughts- what will I do with a crazy toddler for an extra hour in the doctor's office? Ya-good question right? I had to fill out 7 pieces of paper and he wanted to help me "tattoo" the pages I was filling out. He loves to draw right now and didn't understand why I couldn't/wouldn't share. Luckily after he understood there would be no assisting mommy in the paperwork, he moved on and was distracted with a pair of sunglasses, my phone, and a nutrigrain bar.

Did I mention that I forgot to really look at myself in the mirror before I left? I had huge raccoon eyes from my mascara. I was a walking mess. I can't wear my wedding ring right now, so I definitely looked like that mom who had gotten knocked up twice, hadn't slept in a month, and couldn't control her son. 
After the nurse realized how far behind they were running, she sent me to go take my glucose test. I headed down there with Noah and had to fill out another pile of work papers. The lab people handed me the juice, and Noah kept asking me for some. Once again, he didn't understand why mommy wouldn't share her "delicious" (NOT) fruit punch drink that she had to chug in under 5 minutes.

I finished the juice and went back to get my sonogram. Noah came in there with me and was so interested in the machine. I had to do everything I could to keep him from pushing the buttons while we waited for the sonogram tech. At this point, we were both exhausted and I was just praying it would go quickly. The tech came in and checked everything out- baby looks great. Noah kept saying BABY BABY BABY. It was so precious- I did enjoy that. I did not enjoy that he was sitting on the sonogram table with me holding on for dear life because he hates heights. I had some good grip marks on my arm afterwards to prove his tight and painful hold on me.

Let's get to the good news- On Thursday, the peanut weighed around 2 pounds 9 ounces and very healthy. The heartbeat was right at 136. He/she was still head up and the tech commented that the profile of this little one looks very similar to Noah's. I kind of suspect this will always be the case. If Matt and I were to have 5 kids, I think they would all look alike. I guess we won't really know until November, but I just feel like Matt's genes dominate mine, so they all will be his little twinkies. Ashley was able to come save me the last 20 minutes of my sonogram and read Noah a book. The doctor came in and did the final little look over. I always have to remind them that the gender is a secret. I got so nervous that the doctor and tech would just start talking about it. Ashley and I both turned away as he checked the gender parts. I was not tempted to look at all!

After the sonogram, Ashley took Noah back to her house and I had my blood drawn. The lady was awesome- first try she was able to get all that she needed. (This is rare for me- usually I'm poked multiple times by multiple nurses- I have small, hidden veins). After that, I had my next appointment with my normal OBGYN. It also went great. I was weighed (gained a total of 18) and all my blood work was normal. I go back every two weeks now! Although what should have been a 2 hour appointment turned into a 5 hour appoint, I am thankful for good reports and glad to say I survived. I kept telling myself if I can make it through this, surely I can handle two kids? HAHAHA! I know I'll eat my words later.

 I leave you with a picture of the dood and his new favorite hat! 


  1. Oh my goodness that sounds crazy lol. I'm so glad Noah got to see his baby sister/brother though. Super cool.

  2. I love that you and Ashley got to do that together. So much fun! Can't wait to meet the new peanut!