Wednesday, August 28, 2013

22 months

How can it be that you are two months away from turning two? This year has flown by! I am just amazed by how much you have developed since your first birthday. You are no longer a baby- 100% boy and 100% fun (ok maybe 99% fun- 1% temper tantrums).

Let's talk favorites. Noah, you love to jump. We call you "buzzbean" because 1) your hair cut 2) you are always jumping like a bean. There have been some bonked heads and stubbed toes, but it doesn't stop you. You jump all day long. You love to snuggle with your mommy. You love to sit in my lap at night for hours. The little peanut kicks you! It's so awesome. I can already feel (literally) the sibling rivalry. At night for the past week, you have been asking for me to rock you. We have never really done much rocking to sleep because you always had your pacifier that self soothed you. With losing the pacifier and your attachment phase to mommy, I think you have realized you liked to be rocked to sleep and spending that special time with me. Hey, I'm not complaining. I love when you need me.

 You love to play Kaleb- y'all are two peas in a pod. You even sound alike. It's crazy how much y'all have learned from each other. You are very endearing towards him- patting his head, giving him hugs and kisses, feeding him, pushing him on the trike, and running races. You also like to tell him no if he has your toy. You both are working on learning to share.

Your favorite movie this month is RIO. We watch it all the time. You can sing the songs and try to "quote" it. It's the cutest thing ever- even though I think your daddy and I would both say that we are very tired of the movie.  You can make a basket in the hoop your Nana got you this summer. You even will say "Daddy, go shoot". You love sports already. Your daddy and I will play horse on the hoop at night- you always want to be the ball boy! It's awesome! You also have great foot-eye coordination. When you turn three, we will put you in soccer little dood. I know it will wear you out!

Words-there are too many new ones to count. Some of my favorites this month- toot (in context), diaper, popcorn, excuse me, yeehaw, hand, toe, towel, fish, cup, fork, door, and so many more. You can identify the colors orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. As for counting, you can count up to five.

You still love cars and airplanes. Your favorite animal is a monkey. You are a great helper. You love to put dishes away, help with the laundry, and Clorox wipe the kitchen. Lately, I have noticed that you mimic everything your daddy does. If he sits somewhere, you have to sit next to him. You want to work with his tools and help him carry out the trash. You think your daddy is the best thing ever.
You are eating a ton right now. The funniest thing is you are quite the little dipper. You love to dip things in all sauces. Right now, your favorite is ranch. You will go the refrigerator and pull it out before dinner. As for types of food, your favorites this month are sweet potatoes, crackers, gold fish, grapes, blueberries, banana bread, carrots, apples, and pasta.

You have 14 teeth and wear 2T clothes. You sleep through the night at least 12 hours and nap from about 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day.Little dood, your daddy and I love you very much! We can't wait to see what's in store for next month. 

30 week pregnancy post to come tomorrow!

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  1. Love the pictures! I didn't know Matt could jump that high!