Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Matt and I spent it mostly with my family playing lots of games and enjoying great food. Daniel's birthday was Friday night. We celebrated at Hudson's on the bend. Saturday, Daniel, Dad Matt and I did some browsing/shopping at REI and Nordstrom’s rack. There was some two on two basketball, horse, knock out, and card games to follow. Sunday, Matt and I woke up early to join the welcome team at church. This group of people have been such a blessing. We love our church and having the opportunity to fellowship with them by serving. It is amazing what makes up a body of believers. We feel blessed to have found The Stone. If we ever leave Austin, this will one of the things we miss most. After church, we headed back to my parents for ping pong, pool, and movies. Matt calculated that we spent over 25 hours with them this past weekend. Hopefully they do not get too tired of us. On Monday, Matt headed to work; I went on a run with a good high school buddy. We ran Lady Bird Lake and had quite the time getting around the Cap Tex Tri. After the run and making it through the traffic from the triatholon, I hit the ground running with cleaning, brought Matt left overs for lunch and met all his co-workers, and laid by the pool while reading a super good book. I started reading The Partner on our trip to Minnesota. It's a John Grisham book that I do not want to put down.  After laying out, Matt and I watched Blue Crush when he got home. I felt like I was reliving the glory days of high school a d-now. We watched that movie and I'm pretty sure watching that movie bonded Caroline Nelson and me for life. :)

Headed to Daniel's Dinner! Matt wasn't enjoying posing.  (I should have gotten a picture of the birthday boy, but I still forget to take pictures. This blogging hobby is new, and I have always just take pictures from friends when we celebrate together in a group. Leeann Allen always has her camera.)

Daniel's Delicious Birthday Cake

Caroline and I as freshman in college at Baylor(taking a trip down memory lane and our hate for seafood).

Five years later and she's still looking pretty cute these days.

Happy Thursday!!

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