Wednesday, June 1, 2011

19 weeks and counting....

Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: Clementine is the size of an heirloom tomato. Millions of neurons are continuing to develop in his/her brain allowing more controlled and conscious movement.  
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  4-5 pounds. I'm completely comfortable with this amount. It is weird to have a pooch. I went to the pool on Monday. I was surrounded by pregnant women with their cute suits. At this point though, I still just look chubby. They all would have had zero clue I was pregnant. It looks like I've had one too many pieces of cake.
Maternity Clothes:   I’m not in them yet, fighting it as much as possible. It's amazing. I wore a dress two weeks ago and you could not see a belly, I wore it Saturday and it looked like I was chubby/preggo. I'm excited to see what I look like in two more weeks.
Gender:  I now think boy. Clementine had a really low heart rate on Tuesday. His/her heart was beating at 135.
Movement:  Yes! It is wonderful. I love the little reminders of the precious gift that's growing in my belly. I already love Clementine so much!
Sleep: blah. I have had a lot of trouble waking up and falling back asleep. I'm hoping running will bring on the solid z's.
What I miss:    I don't miss much.
Cravings:  milk (been drinking it by the glass which I never do...with a little chocolate syrup), chocolate, salad, fruit, and French fries.
Symptoms: I still have back pain. I am getting Charlie horses at night along with round ligament pain. I am thankful for all of these symptoms knowing that Clementine is growing healthy and strong.
Best Moment This Week: This weekend was an all out game weekend. The best was playing basketball with my dad, brother, and Matt. It was so much fun. It was super hot outside so there were a lot of breaks, but everyone was having a blast. It made me excited for the baby and all the fun family activities we will do with him/her. Sidenote: Matt tried on this awesome baby carrier at REI that is for hiking, walking, and carrying the baby. We are going to go to the REI garage sale on Sunday and see what deals we can snag. This baby is going to have to love the outdoors especially hiking, canoeing, and football. :)


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