Wednesday, June 29, 2011

23 Weeks: Confession and Dimples

Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: Noah is the size of a large mango. Noah has now developed the ability to swallow and his little pink taste buds are developed. His ears are also registering sounds from the outside world. Boy, do I know it. I have felt movement with him when there are certain loud sounds. It is amazing!
Total Weight Gain/Loss:   I’m guessing 7. I haven’t weighed myself today. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, so I will have the full count for sure.   
Maternity Clothes:   Mostly just loose stuff that I’ve owned in the past. I’m down to about two pairs of pants. My co-worker lent me some (like I’ve said in the past), this is probably the weekend where I need to go through and see what will fit. Tops aren’t a problem; pants are becoming limited.
Gender:   A boy! Noah Walker Clem.
Movement:  Yes. Best news of all: Matt felt him last night. It’s still hard for Matt to distinguish between my breathing and stomach movement versus his kicking and stomach movement, but he felt the “thump.” We both got really excited.
Sleep:  It’s rough- I’m not going to lie. I’ve been grumpy because of it (poor Matt, I know). I’m having trouble sleeping soundly and really falling asleep. I know it’s because he is growing and my body is adjusting. I also always wake up famished. My body must be on overload mode when I sleep and use all my stored energy from food. I feel like I haven’t eaten for days when I wake up.  
What I miss:    Sound sleep
Cravings:  G2 Gatorade (Raspberry Melon to be specific), Ice water, Chocolate, Fruit, Chicken
Symptoms: Heartburn and fatigue are probably the two biggest symptoms
Best Moment This Week: Matt and I took my Dad and brother on in tennis doubles Sunday night. We lost, but it was a lot of fun. Matt just started playing and can already beat me. He is now obsessed and would probably play every day if I let him. We are taking on the Baker’s on Friday night. Let’s hope we bring our A game!

Confession: Today I ate two cookies, a cupcake, and some peanut m&m's. My co-worker says I'm going to have a chunky monkey. I think he might have a chunky monkey as a mother. Oh well. Tomorrow, I'll eat better-maybe. We are going to the Saltlick, so I can't make any big promises. Okay, so FRIDAY, I will cut back on the sweets.

Sidenote: Here is Matt as a little nugget. I'm hoping Noah gets his looks (especially the dimples).

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  1. Matt was such a cute baby!! I can't wait to meet Noah!! AND the Bradshaws would love a friendly game of tennis :)