Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bribes, Sticky notes, and Tonight's Surprise

It's amazing how much people want to know the gender of the baby. Some couples go 9 months and have it be a surprise at birth. I can't imagine. Yesterday, we had phone calls and texts asking us to spill the beans. My co-workers were trying to bribe me, and Matt's co-workers all left him sticky notes with their numbers. They wanted him to text or call after we found out.

With all of this hype, Matt and I can't wait any longer. We have decided to do the cakeballs tonight at my parent's house. Matt's mom is flying in around 8:30. We plan on taking her to the house and celebrating there. I am hoping to take a lot of pictures and document this moment to the best. I want Clementine to realize how much we all are excited for him/her to join us in October!

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