Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matt's Mom Weekend Wrap Up

Matt and I had a jammed pack weekend starting Thursday night. Ashley and I cooked cake balls for the big reveal that night. I had no idea what I was doing (turns out she didn’t either), so they were kind of successful, but you can judge by the pictures below. Matt and Luke played WII the whole time and continued to laugh at Ashley and my troubles while trying to create our wonderful masterpiece. Let’s just say next time, I will be ordering the cake balls.  After we picked up Matt’s mom from the airport, Matt and I headed to my parents for the big reveal. My mom had guessed boy before hand, but everybody else (Daniel, Dad, and Matt’s mom) thought it would be a girl. There hasn’t been a boy born first on the Clem side for FOUR generations. Needless to say, they were all shocked and super excited. It was a great time. 
 First attempt at chocolate coating...nasty, I know.
 Second attempt, looking better if you ask me.
 We were double trouble. Big time. Chocolate everywhere.
 Boys will be boys....
Friday, Matt, Matt’s Mom, and I took a tour of UT campus. It was very hard for me to wear these horns being a Baylor Alum, but I wore them. When we walked up to the counter to pick up the information, all the guides assumed I was going to be a freshman at UT this coming fall. Yep. I’m still rocking the high school look even though I’m carrying a little Noah. The tour was great. The campus was beautiful- Matt is going to LOVE it there next year. After the tour, we took a trip to Tacodeli. None of us had been there before and had a wonderful time. The guacamole was amazing. We ate so much. Noah was kicking up a storm with all that lime zest. After Tacodeli, Matt’s mom took me around Baby ‘R Us. She had done some research and had some friends tell her what is a necessity with a newborn. It was so insightful. Matt and I were both very appreciative of the time she spent to do this. She knew so much. 

On Saturday, Matt, Daniel, Laurie, and I went out to Lady Bird Lake to canoe. We had a coupon for buy an hour get one free. It was awesome. We were out there two hours and enjoyed every minute. We had great weather and Matt got to show her the downtown view from the lake. We wanted to go find Sandra Bullock’s house on the lake, but I ended up getting tired. I also had a bottom that was feeling pretty numb. We didn’t have those awesome padded seats like we did from our canoe trip. After canoeing, we took a trip to Shady Grove. We wanted Matt’s mom to experience Austin. I think we did a pretty good job. My grandparents came in around 5 p.m. and we did dinner and Ester’s Follies that night. My grandparents brought me the sweetest little baby clothes for Noah. He is already so spoiled. It was great seeing them, and Matt and I are going to take a trip up to Fredericksburg in two weekends to visit them! 
Canoe day pictures

 Fun family dinner

Sunday was filled with church, food, games, poppy seed chicken, and Laurie’s FAMOUS DELICIOUS AMAZING apple pie. Matt and I are still enjoying the leftovers.

 Slimlicker/Scum hats
 If you were president of scum, you got to wear the "flora" wicker hat. Cute. I know. 

We are so blessed with such supportive family. The 21 week post will be up tomorrow. This belly is GROWING. 

Peace, Love and Green Cake Balls, Natalie

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